So, what’s in this thing anyway?

Purified water, grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and cold brewed coffee.

Why the butter?

Butter helps your body metabolize the caffeine more efficiently, allowing your energy level to rise evenly and stay elevated throughout the day.

But, why grass fed butter?

Grass Fed Butter contains higher levels of heart healthy nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin K2. Grass Fed Dairy’s tend to have a higher standard of quality of life for their animals. Lyle’s sources from dairy’s that limit grazing to three cows per acre and are antibiotic and hormone free.

I’ve never heard of MCT oil, what’s that?

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride. Naturally found in coconut oil, MCT’s are fats with a smaller molecular structure than any other naturally occurring fats. OK, so what? Because of this structure, MCT’s are processed by your liver and turned into energy in the most efficient way naturally possible. It is often used as a weight management tool for this purpose alone. It’s intended effect as an ingredient is to help sustain energy levels, and curb mid-morning or afternoon hunger pangs.

Anything I should know about the coffee?

Only that we take pride in sourcing high quality arabica beans that are grown organically and traded fairly.